Evolving Wellness

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Evolving Wellness is focused on providing services to help those fighting with chronic illnesses, wanting to lose weight, or just simply wanting to be healthy, "the natural way". In my own experience with fibromyalgia, candida, hypoglycemia, and chronic food allergies, I was forced to return to basic, whole foods. This is what best suits our bodies in the long run, and will keep us healthy throughout our lives. 

My consulting practice is based in naturopathy which is the philosophy that all aspects of the human being - body, mind, and spirit - affect the whole person.  I work one-on-one with clients who are looking to heal and strengthen their lives on all three of these levels, which I feel is necessary for recovering from chronic illness.  I also conduct groups on weight loss and diabetes prevention, balancing hormones and recovering from adrenal fatigue, healthy cooking groups, and support groups for the Highly Sensitive Person (see author Elaine Aron, Ph.D).

This is a little taste of what I teach and how I help people who are struggling with their health and their lives. For more information check out this website, my blog at evolvingwellness.blogspot.com, email me at evolvingwellness@yahoo.com, or feel free to give me a call at 707-391-0868.